A Professional Horse Riding Club acknowledged by Equestrian Fraternity of Pakistan. The Club is providing quality Horseback Riding and horsemanship training in group and individual Sessions. Adventurous sports like Tent pegging, sword pegging, Arena Polo are introduced to the member. If you like nature, picturesque views, beautiful horses and quality time spending, our riding school is the perfect choice, or to simply enjoy weekend getaways and family events at our facility. For us it’s way of life



Horseback Riding and Horsemanship

An out of the box approach, different from conventional teaching methods practiced in Pakistan. The idea is to give the trainee a clear pathway to achieve the targets. This course is divided into three levels having a blend of horse riding and horsemanship lessons. A topic will be assigned on each day and students are to achieve the targets.

The course is divided into three levels

Level 1— Beginners
Level 2— Intermediate
Level 3— Advanced


An examination will be conducted after each level to test the abilities and qualified students will be promoted to next level

Different Levels

Level 1

The course is for a beginner riders who have limited knowledge and experience. The rider will be able to use Basic aids , mount and dismount unassisted,walk and trot independently. This level will be in detail and will set the foundation of trainee’s riding skills.

Level 2

In Level 2, the rider will learn all the styles of trot, mounting and dismounting without stirrups, and will be able to canter comfortably. The Rider will be taught to ride on uneven terrains safely. The rider will learn the horsemanship pertaining to Level 2

Level 3

The Trainee rider will learn all types of canter and gallop. He would learn to overcome the obstacles and showjumping, Riding with out saddle and Would be able to ride in all gaits independently. The rider will learn horsemanship pertaining to level 3.

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