A Professional Horse Riding Club acknowledged by Equestrian Fraternity of Pakistan. The Club is providing quality Horseback Riding and horsemanship training in group and individual Sessions. Adventurous sports like Tent pegging, sword pegging, Arena Polo are introduced to the member. If you like nature, picturesque views, beautiful horses and quality time spending, our riding school is the perfect choice, or to simply enjoy weekend getaways and family events at our facility. For us it’s way of life



Membership and Contributions

Dear Horse Lovers

Equine sports demand your love and commitment. Your membership is a contribution towards introducing this sport in our society in terms of health , physical and emotional benefits.



Safety is the basic prerequisite. We not only promote but make sure that best safe practices are followed. Safety Gears/Apparels are made compulsory for all students. Gears are available at the club on nominal price.

Minimum Age Limit

Age limit varies with the training program. Students bellow 05 years would not be inducted in the levels. However keeping their requirements in view, we appreciate them to take guided random rides. For Rest of the programs, it would be 5 yrs and above.


Training is conducted in the morning as well as evening sessions. Our datum is dawn and dusk timings so please confirm the the up to date schedule on phone call before hand.

Morning Classes: 05:00 am – 06:30 am

Evening Classes:                     

05:30 pm – 07:00 pm

Executive Sessions:

07:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Each Session will be of half an hour


  • General Sessions

  • 100

    PKR/Per Month
      • Guest Ride                        1000


    • 04 lessons   (Weekdays)                 3000
    • 04 lessons   (Weekends)                 3500
    • 08 lessons   (Weekdays)                 4000
    • 08 lessons   (Weekends)                 4500
    • 12 Lessons  (Tue,Wed,Thu)            6000
    • 24 Lessons                                           8000
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  • Executive Sessions

  • 100

    PKR/Per Month
    • Random Lesson                     2000
    • 04 Lessons                              8000
    • 08 Lessons                             15000
    • 12 Lessons                              20000
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  • Equestrian Sports

  • 100

    PKR/Per Month
  • Tent Pegging

    Show Jumping

    Mounted Archery

    Arena Polo

    • 04 Sessions/month                      8000
    • 08 Sessions/month                      15000
    • 12 Sessions/month                       20000
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    • Class timings may be changed according to weather conditions


    • Monday shall be observed as maintenance days and training of the horses


    • In case of heavy Rainfall, lessons may be suspended without any compensations since its an act of God


  • All updates will be circulated on whatsapp group and facebook page & group of the club
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